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It can be used for payment gateway, maps, way find, people find, person to person, p2p, peer to peer, finance, invest, new paypal, mobil paypal, pray, play,pet

It is one of the best top short domains for mobil apps and applications. If you want to build a mobile payment like paypal, where can you find a better domain?

It is a great domain for many chinese p2p finance invest plattform.

It can be used as a search machine aggregation gate, just like I have done, it can also be used to offer subdomains as domain shortner

It has already an great offer before,although I didn't list it in any domain trade platform

It has attracted more than 10 000 visitors in the first 3 days after I put it on sedo in January 2017, its daily visitors is between 30000-40000. Its present Alexa Rank is between 14 000 and 48194, its Chinese web rank is around 3954. What a mad thing, what a mad domain! I myself can't believe that!

It is expected that it will have more than 100000 daily visitors and a alexa rank less than 10 000 at the end of 2018.

I want to sell this project because I need money for other startup projects of my own that I have started for a while, and I don't have money and resource for this project any more

Any investment or coorperation or link exchange are willcome,natureally you can also invest in other super projects of me, as big investor or as crowd investor